Each year a new board is elected by the membership.  These parents volunteer their time and efforts to perform the duties that keep the group running.  All members are eligible to hold a board position.

2022/2023 Board Members

Julia Smith

Vice-President of Administration 
Samantha Nehrbas

Vice-President of Membership

Sondra Ochs

Zhanna Velichko

Sophia Martinetti


Kellye Dutro

Social Media Marketing

Taryn Collins

Executive Board


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Have questions on Membership? You can email us at membership@BeniciaMomsGroup.com

About Us

The Benicia Moms Group is a vital community resource for women in the early stages of motherhood looking to share this meaningful and often challenging time in their lives with others going through the same experience.

Our club provides a way for you to meet people, share common interests, give and receive support, develop playmates for your children, and access a forum that discusses a wide range of topics from parenting issues to baby-sitter references.

Though the group is specifically designed for women with children ages birth to kindergarten, members often stay connected to the club, and each other, long after their kids start school.

The Benicia Moms Group is a fun, fulfilling way to share the experience of being a mom. As moms, we understand family life is hectic. Therefore members are not obligated to attend or participate in any event, group or meeting.  All of our groups exist on a completely voluntary basis, so you’re free to join in whenever it’s convenient!

Moms of children ages 0 to 5 years old who are residents of Benicia are welcome to join the Benicia Moms Group.